Worship Team Bootcamp: How to Refine Timing, Tempo, and Tuning

 1. Tuning

 2. Timing Part One

3. Timing Part Two: Ideas to Improve Timing

4. Typical Tempo Issues

5. Changing a Wrong Tempo

6. Playing with Time


Taught by Musicademy

Imagine leading worship on Sunday with confidence and a smile on your face. No more wondering if anyone can hear you, no more second-guessing the song choice, no more band disagreements.

Whether you’re drumming, strumming, or singing, you want to feel fully equipped to lead your church well.

Why does this matter? Well, most worship teams are dysfunctional (and the church can feel the tension). So why not get your worship team on the same page?

This course will help you explore:

  • How to develop your internal sense of time
  • How to choose song tempos and change a wrong tempo
  • How to troubleshoot typical tempo issues
  • How to tune well and fix issues for every instrument

Grab this course now and start leading your church worship with excellence.

About the Instructor:

Musicademy provides contemporary worship training for church-based musicians via an online subscription service, downloadable lessons and DVD courses.

Their award-winning resources deliver a structured approach to learning guitar, bass, keyboards, drums, vocals, orchestral instruments and PA/sound tech as well as worship leading and playing by ear.

Their courses are perfect for training and equipping the entire worship team from beginners to advanced players.


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