The Plugged In Prayer Life: Discipling the Next Generation about Prayer

     1. Introduction

 2. Conversation 1: Power Up

 3. Conversation 2: Call

 4. Conversation 3: Listen

 5. Conversation 4: Watch

 6. Conversation 5: Remember

 7. A Final Word


Taught by Tosha Williams

Let’s face it – discipleship is often intimidating!

And discipling kids, teens, and young adults can seem extra daunting.

But it doesn’t need to be.

Discipleships starts with conversation.

Join Tosha as she teaches you practical tips to disciple the next generation of Christians about how to meaningfully connect to God through Prayer.

About the Instructor:

Tosha Lamdin Williams is the co-founder of Vanguard Church of Colorado Springs and the founder of Family Disciple Me, an online 501(c)(3) nonprofit ministry to encourage and equip families to disciple the next generation. Wife of senior pastor Kelly Williams and mother of five, Tosha graduated from Liberty University with a communications degree (BS, 1993) and from Dallas Theological Seminary with a master’s in biblical studies (MABS, 1996).

Tosha is passionate about sharing Scripture’s truth with people of all ages, beginning with the family, church and friends entrusted to her and extending to the Family Disciple Me ministry. You can find more discipleship content from Tosha and the FDM team at and listen to their ministry podcasts at “It Starts with a Conversation – Family Disciple Me” (available on your favorite podcast app).

Tosha is a Vanguard Church teaching team member, a piano teacher, a carpool mom, an Airbnb host, a chicken farmer, and, when duty calls, an extra farmhand on her family’s small cattle farm. Tosha lives with her husband and their not-yet-grown-up kids in Colorado Springs.


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