Video Games: A Parent’s Guide to Understanding the Good and the Bad

     1. Introduction

 2. Understanding the History of Video Games

 3. Online Community

 4. Violence in Video Games

 5. How to Talk to Your Kids About Video Games


Taught by Axis

Since the start of video games, teens everywhere quickly became obsessed with them.

But, why do teens love video games?
Do teens want to escape reality?
What’s the difference between escapism and rest?
Can video games provide a real sense of community?
What about violent video games?

Grab this course and get your questions answered. This course is perfect for a parent and their teenager, a small group, or a youth group.

About the Instructor:

Axis’ mission is to build lifelong faith by helping parents and caring adults talk with their kids about what they otherwise wouldn’t one conversation at atime. Axis’ vision is to see all caring adults equipped with the conversation, discipleship, and culture translation skills needed to reach the next generation for Christ.


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