How to Write a Sermon for Maximum Impact

     1. Introduction

 2. The Clear Introduction

 3. The Main Teaching

 4. Conclusion/Application


Taught by Matt Redder

Most pastors get stuck in the same preaching ruts. And, it happens to all of us. We get comfortable in the way we do things. But, the most incredible pastors have something in common. They take their sermon prep seriously. And, they know how to write a sermon for maximum impact.

That’s why we created this course. We want you to get the insider tips, tricks, and strategies you need to preach with confidence.

Why? Because clear and engaging preaching changes lives!

So, grab this course today and watch your church come alive.

About the Instructor:

Matthew Redder has been involved in local church ministry for 20+ years. During his time as a pastor he created and shared over 1000 small and large group teachings. He has shared the good news with youth groups all the way through to nursing homes. In his current role with SermonCentral Matthew is responsible for creating and curating sermon content being used by pastors and ministry leaders all over the world.

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