How to Program Worship Services in a Digital World

     1. Introduction

 2. Assessing Reality

 3. Planning Your Services

 4. Batch Planning and Filming

 5. Production Tips and Techniques


Taught by Jessica Perez

Most church leaders get caught up in last minute service planning. They scramble to find the right worship songs. They struggle to find the right time in the service to play a special video. They strive to connect with people while gathering remotely.

If this sounds familiar, you’re not alone. That’s why this course exists!

In this course you’ll get:

  • Practical tips to plan a worship service for people in-person and at-home.
  • Creative ideas for engaging digital services.
  • Suggestions for team scheduling.

So, take this course and get answers to questions like: How can my church connect with people as we gather remotely? How will we keep them engaged? How long will services last, how long should each segment last, how can we utilize this content in various formats to reach more people?

About the Instructor:

Jessica Perez is the Worship Arts Director at Crossroads Church in Loveland, Colorado. Jessica has led worship teams and creative production teams for more than 20 years. Jessica studied music education at the University of Northern Colorado. She lives in Timnath with her husband and three children.

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