How to Move from Paralyzing Fear to Bold Faith

     1. Introduction

 2. Why is Fear Such a Powerful Emotion?

 3. What Does the Bible Say About Fear?

 4. How Can I Slay Fear and Move Toward Bold Faith?

 5. How Can I Practice the Presence of God?


Taught by Susan Evans

As you struggle with fear, deal with loss, or carry the burdens of yourself and others, you desperately long for the peace of God in your heart.

This course helps you understand why fear has such a strong hold on your life and what to do about it.

Not only will you discover what the Bible has to say about fear, but you’ll find the strength to fight fear and move toward bold faith. Learning to walk in God’s presence will empower you to think differently, feel differently, and live in faith rather than fear.

About the Instructor:

Susan Evans is a church planter who team planted a church in California with her husband, Scott, and two other couples. They happily served in that church for 21 years. During that time, she co-founded a Woman-2-Woman Mentoring Ministry, taught women’s Bible studies, and co-founded the church’s women’s ministry which she was director of for some time. She is a women’s ministry speaker, intercessor, and a Certified Biblical Counselor who volunteers out of her local church. She is passionate about helping people to know who God is, understand His outrageous love for them, and to discover their true identity and purpose. She strives to help them lay hold of His promises so that they can live an abundant life in Christ with joy and power–no matter their life’s circumstances. This passion comes through over three decades of personal suffering from chronic illness and pain. When she isn’t working or volunteering in her church, she loves to spend time with their six kids, and two grandchildren (so far).

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