How to Hire the Best Staff

     1. Introduction

 2. What is the Job You Really Want Done?

 3. Posting the Job

 4. Initial Screening

 5. Interviews and Offers

 6. Quick Hacks for Hiring the Best


Taught by Steve Foster

Your church or organization wants to get better at hiring.

The truth is, however long you spend on hiring is probably the most-leveraged time investment you can make to grow your church or organization.

It’s absolutely essential to hire well. Your new hire will change the culture of your organization (for better or worse).

Take this course and walk away with an exponentially better hiring process. You’ll also discover a few critical hiring hacks along the way.

About the Instructor:

Steve was born in San Diego and lived in Southern California until 2012 when the entire Foster clan moved to Colorado Springs, CO. As a young baby, Steve was adopted into the Foster family; 19 years later he joined the family of God. 

After recommitting his life to Christ in college, Steve dropped out to reconcile his life and future with Christ. He joined a small sales and distribution company to work in the warehouse, eventually becoming a partial owner. Nearly 18 successful years later, Steve left to enter into ministry as the Executive Pastor of New Song Community Church where he also produced the feature length film, TO SAVE A LIFE. God tapped his shoulder again and moved Steve to join Outreach in 2012; subsequently becoming the Chief Operating Officer.

When he’s not hanging out with his wife Iva, their kids, or working, Steve enjoys cycling and helping organizations which support widows, orphans, evangelism and discipleship.