How to Get Your Baby to Sleep Through the Night

     1. Introduction

 2. Understanding Newborn Sleep

 3. How Many Hours of Sleep Does My Baby Need?

 4. The Importance of Establishing A Good Bedtime Routine

 5. 7 Simple Tips to Get Your Baby to Sleep Through the Night


Taught by Lisa Skene

If you’re a new mom and sleep deprived, you’ve probably asked yourself:

– How many hours of sleep does my baby need?
– How do I establish a bedtime routine?
– Why does sleep matter so much?

And of course, the most pressing question…
How do I train my baby to sleep through the night?

That’s why we created this course for you!
Grab it now and start getting your newborn baby to sleep through the night (and hey, maybe you’ll get some extra sleep too).

About the Instructor:

Lisa Skene is the co-founder of Cool Kids Hub, a children’s book author, wife and proud Mum of a beautiful son. Cool Kids Hub helps parents navigate the critical milestones in their child’s life by providing relevant information, tips and products.

Lisa’s articles have been featured in several online parenting publications. Lisa genuinely believes that every child deserves the best in life and that our children thrive when given love and plenty of opportunities to Play, Learn and Grow.


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