Frequently Asked Questions

What if I’m not a pastor? Are there still enough courses for me to justify a subscription?

Yes! We welcome all members of the Christian community or those who are interested in learning more about personal growth or spiritual growth. We have a whole category of courses dedicated to topics ranging from Prayer to Parenthood. There’s something for everyone on our site, and we will continue to add content all the time.

How much is a subscription to take courses on Equip Lab?

We have several different pricing options. Check out our Individual plan page or our Team page which explains more about how a team subscription works.

How much can I save by signing up for a team subscription?

Equip Lab discounts team seats to be $12 per person per month. That turns into an annual savings of about $40 per person per year! Learn more about our team plans on this page.

How much time will it take to make a course?

This completely depends on how long (or short) you want to make your course. In our experience, filming each course took about 2 hours and editing took double or triple the time. If you’ve taught this material before — you can probably create a full course it might take 8 hours. If you’re starting more from scratch it might take a couple days to set up your outline, etc.

How long should a course be?

Target around 60 minutes. Max is 120 minutes.

How short is too short for a course?

The minimum length for a course is 20 minutes.

Are there any copyright issues I need to be aware of for video footage I might use?

Any images or videos used in your course should be owned by you to avoid copyright issues.

Why should I make an Equip Lab course?

Equip Lab courses have a wide-reaching impact. You have the opportunity to invest in the kingdom of God. You’ll also get the chance to help others side step the roadblocks and dead ends you have figured out in your personal or professional journey. You can also grow your online following, promote what’s important to you, and earn money. Learn more about becoming a teacher on Equip Lab here.

What if I already have a course? Can I use it even if I have it on other platforms?

Please feel free to submit your course to us through our Course Submission form. We are more than happy to host your course on Equip Lab. Courses might require a little further editing. Our only requirement is that your existing course can not be offered free of charge on other sites.

What do my credentials need to be to make a course?

Experience and firsthand knowledge is more important than credentials when it comes to making a course for Equip Lab.

How do I keep it practical?

Think “how to.” Think what will the student do. How will they or their life be different? There should be an action item or something that they can apply after each video. Ex: Too broad would be “make sure your video looks good” A better option would be “Make sure your background isn’t cluttered and you have good lighting”

Can I include pdfs or links in the course?

Absolutely! We’ll include related resources and links in the course so that anyone who takes it can access those materials.

Who “owns” my content once I upload it?

You as the teacher or producer will “own” your content. Equip Lab obtains a license to offer the content on our site.

How do I remove my course from EquipLab

Email and EquipLab will remove your content within 30 days.