Church Planting 101: How to Build a Team

     1. Introduction

 2. Always Start with the One

 3. Who Are You Looking For?

 4. Scouting Guide

 5. How Are You Starting?

 6. What Are You Asking For?

 7. How Will You Ask?


Taught by Stadia Church Planting

You feel called to plant a church. But, here’s the problem: church planting is a difficult task. And, you want to make sure you have the right people by your side.

Maybe you’re wondering:

“How do I build a strong and dedicated team of people?
“What kind of leaders do I need?”
“How many leaders do I need?”
“What stage of church planting am I at?”

These are the questions you’ll get answers to in Church Planting 101: How to Build a Team.

Grab this course today and get the tools you need to build a powerful church planting team.

About the Instructor:

Stadia’s mission is to plant churches that intentionally care for children. Why? Because as more churches close their doors, fewer people are experiencing the life-changing hope of Jesus. Stadia prepares leaders to start healthy churches that intentionally reach the next generation of believers, spreading the hope of Jesus farther than ever before. And we won’t stop until every child has a church.


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