Church Branding: Step-by-Step Course To Develop A Brand That Shines

     1. Introduction

 2. Brand Questions

 3. Why Branding

 4. Be the Guide

 5. The Plan

 6. Target Audience

 7. Brand Promise

 8. Brand Journey

 9. Logo Design

 10. Website

 11. Signs

 12. Call to Action


Taught by Michael Persaud

You might think, “Do churches need branding?” The answer is yes, and here’s why. Most people don’t understand the importance of church.

But, if you invite them into a unique mission and vision, they become interested.

So, how can your church invite people into something bigger? How can you increase giving, serving, and small group attendance?

This is why this course on church branding provides the best guide and gives you the ideas you need to create a powerful brand strategy. You’ll avoid mistakes that other churches make and develop a solid marketing plan.

This church branding course will help you:

– Communicate your church vision and mission with confidence.

– Develop a compelling brand strategy.

– Create a powerful church logo, a helpful church website, and unique church signage to help with marketing.

About the Instructor:

For nearly 20 years, Michael Persaud has been creating brands professionally for organizations nationwide. During that time, he’s been able to design promotions for some of the most well-known entertainment tours. Michael’s focus now is on bringing more people into the local church. He has worked on church staff of megachurches while also serving as a volunteer for a church plant. His range of experiences in creating influential brands and connection with his mission to bring the hope of the Gospel to others makes him the perfect guide for creating your church’s branding.

Michael has developed a unique branding process specifically for churches. Using his background and personal drive, he helps churches get a clear directive about who they are with a strategy to help them reach the community they serve. He’s helped hundreds of churches just like yours all over the country. With his direction, they have rebranded, established themselves in their community with a great logo, website, and signage, and grown as a result. His passion for local churches and mission to serve them will bring your vision into a reality.

In our culture, people don’t understand why they need your church. Most churches struggle to let people know why they are relevant to them.

Michael Persaud can help you build your church’s reputation because he focuses on building the brand of your church. By guiding your church leadership in creating a clear brand strategy with his easy and effective Church Brand Guide framework, Michael will help you create the appropriate visual identity for you. You will have a clear message that appeals to your community.

You will have a beautifully designed visual representation of the brand in the most important areas which are the logo, website, and signage. Your following will grow and more people will find the hope they need.


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