Safeguard Against Abuse: Child Abuse Prevention Training

     1. Introduction

 2. Types of Child Abuse and Zero Tolerance Policy

 3. Nine of the Most Common Caracteristics of a Predator

 4. Behaviors and Signs of an Abused Child

 5. Social Media

 6. Conclusion


Taught by SecureSearch Comprehensive Background Checks and Safeguard from Abuse

Child abuse is at an all-time high. But, many churches don’t have the tools to educate and train volunteers to protect children.

So, how can you protect the children at your church from physical abuse, sexual abuse, emotional abuse and/or neglect?

What types of abuse are most common?

What are the characteristics of a predator?

What are signs of abuse?

How does child abuse impact children?

What should you do if you suspect abuse?

Grab this course and get answers to all these questions.

You’ll learn what abuse is, how it happens, and what to look out for. You’ll leave with practical tips on how to safeguard your church.

Grab this course now and start protecting the children at your church.

About the Instructor:

Steve Durie is the CEO and Founder of Safeguard from Abuse and SecureSearch Comprehensive Background Checks. Steve has a passion to help protect those that are unable to protect themselves.

Steve started SecureSearch in 2006 and primarily worked alongside churches across the country to help keep their ministries safe. It became quite evident that churches and ministries needed more tools at their disposal to help keep out the predators of children that are drawn to environments such as ministries due to their trusting nature. While most sexual predators never get arrested, background checks are not enough to keep your ministry safe so Steve launched Safeguard from Abuse- Child Abuse Awareness and Prevention training to help augment the overall security and safety for churches and ministries.

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