Become a Teacher on Equip Lab

Why Teach on Equip Lab?

Helping others along their personal or professional journey is very rewarding. By teaching on Equip Lab, you can grow your online following, promote what’s important to you, and earn money.

Equip Lab teachers are real pastors, professionals, and members of the Christian community who want to share their expertise and knowledge. If you’re interested in creating a course and providing the Equip Lab community with practical tips, resources, and skills, we offer lots of resources and support to help you create a class that will leave a lasting impact.

Overview of Creating an Equip Lab Course
  • Incentives for becoming a teacher
  • Basic equipment you’ll need
  • Tips for filming
  • Tips for compress and exporting video files
  • Submit your course idea via this form
How to Earn Money with Equip Lab
  • Students can purchase single a-la-carte purchases or subscriptions
  • For a-la-carte purchases, teachers earn a percentage of the revenue
  • For subscription purchases, teachers are paid a royalty based on the number of minutes your content has been watched as a percentage of total minutes of content watched on the whole site
Designing Your Equip Lab Course
  • Choose a course topic
  • Keep a good outline
  • Find a good title for your course
  • Solve problems for your students
  • Think “practical” and how-to
  • Imagine your target student and curate content around that person
  • Decide your video format
Filming & Editing Basics
  • Practice before filming
  • Avoid distracting sounds and visuals
  • Appear comfortable and confident
  • Have materials available
  • Manage time expectations for filming and editing
  • FAQs for teachers
Course Submission Form

Submit your idea for an Equip Lab course here.

Teacher Guidelines

Check out our full list of Teacher Guidelines here.