About Equip Lab



About Our Name

Equip Lab’s name originates from our team’s mission to create an online community of creators and learners who aim to share their skills and knowledge with one another.

At Equip Lab we want to EQUIP the Christian community with unique and practical skills. We also want to provide a LAB or space where learning takes place.

More About Our Site

Equip Lab is a Christian online learning platform that provides members access to quality courses made by the world’s best experts. Equip Lab specializes in providing practical courses that range in topics from leadership and management to spiritual growth and even blogging. There’s something for everyone.

In order to bring you this amazing content, we rely on subscriptions. This provides the best way for you to take courses and discover new, amazing courses teaching practical skills throughout the year. We offer personal plans or team plans depending on your needs. Our reasonable prices provide funding for qualified teachers to bring you amazing content. 

At Equip Lab, we believe that everyone has valuable information that could help the larger Christian community. We want to help you put your unique content on our site. Read more about how you can become a contributing teacher on Equip Lab.