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With courses on creating and sustaining an online presence for your organization, you’ll expand your digital reach and maximize impact. Plus, you’ll get practical help with marketing strategies to keep your people engaged, so you can thrive in any cultural climate.

Become a Better Leader

Our courses will provide you with the foundational knowledge to lead in every arena of church ministry. Learn how to prepare your sermons better, preach better, hire better, and be a better leader for your community.

Improve Your Personal Relationships

Learn from real couples the practical ways you can strengthen your relationship with your spouse. Discover how your unique design and purpose will enrich those around you.

Gain More Perspective on Prayer and Spiritual Disciplines

Equip Lab’s courses about spiritual disciplines will strengthen your relationship with God.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I’m not a church leader? Are there still enough courses for me to justify a subscription?

Yes! We welcome all members of the Christian community or those who are interested in learning more about personal or spiritual growth. We have many courses dedicated to topics ranging from prayer to parenthood. There’s something for everyone at Equip Lab, and courses are being added all the time.

How much is a subscription to take courses on Equip Lab?

Get started today and get 7 days for $0. Then, you only pay $9.99/mo for full, unlimited access to ALL classes (cancel any time). Don’t miss our Team Plans for better pricing and flexibility for your group.

How much can I save by signing up for a team subscription?

Equip Lab Team Plan discounts are as low as  $12 per person per month. That turns into an annual savings of about $40 per person per year! Learn more about our Team Plans.

Why should I make an Equip Lab course?

Equip Lab courses have a wide-reaching impact. You have the opportunity to invest in the kingdom of God. You’ll also get the chance to help others side-step the roadblocks and dead ends you have figured out in your personal or professional journey. You can also grow your online following, promote what’s important to you, and earn money. Learn more about becoming a teacher on Equip Lab here.

What if I already have a course that I teach? Can I use it even if I have it on other platforms?

Please feel free to submit your course to us through our Course Submission form. We are more than happy to host your course on Equip Lab. Courses might require a little further editing. Our only requirement is that your existing course can not be offered free of charge on other sites.

What do my credentials need to be to make a course?

Experience and firsthand knowledge is more important than credentials when it comes to making a course for Equip Lab. Complete the Course Submission form today to get started.